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About eBay

eBay is an online auction website that was first created in 1995. One of the very first items sold on the auction site was a broken laser pointer.

As a house hold name, eBay is one of the first stops for people that have a cheap purchase in mind. The site is not just for auction old items, but also selling new items. Many companies take advantage of eBay's huge amount of visitors.

But how do you defer yourself from the average person selling a second hand item? This is where we come in, adding a professionalism to your eBay store which (for you company) could become priceless.

What we can do with eBay

eBay represents a cost effective solution for customers who want to sell any quantity of items.

Using eBay templates, and having us design your eBay store template, can transform your store from looking like an average store to a respectible, highly maintained looking store. This will give your customers more confidence in you, making you able to make more sales.

As well as this, we can add more functionality and ergonomics, so your potential customers can find what they want quickly and easily, making a much more pleasant experience for your visitors.

eBay Services

  • Store Design
  • Product Page Design
  • Installation & Configuration
  • Advice & Consoltancy
  • Auction Templates
  • ebay Template HTML
  • ebay Templates