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About Magento

Magento is a PHP based ecommerce web application first released in 2008 and developed by Magento Inc. Since its release it has gathered a considerable market share in the ecommerce sector.

As Magento is an 'off the shelf' product, it is designed to work with almost any type of business. Further features can be added via the extensive plugin catalogue 'Magento Connect' such as support for payment gateway providers, or additions for SEO and stock management.

Magento scales very well from small stores with a handful of products, right up to large brands with several thousand items for sale.


Magento Upgrades

If you have an older version of Magento such as 1.8, we can help you update it to the latest version. Gives us a call to discuss your Magento Upgrade requirements.

What we can do with Magento

Magento represents a cost effective solution for customers who want to take their first step with ecommerce. We can provide initial installation and configuration of the software, along with theme design, plugin installation/configuration and development as required.

If you are looking for a cheaper alternative to ecommerce, then Magento is a good place to start. Magento is a fully functional feature packed ecommerce store that is widely used across the internet.

Being part of a hosting provider allows us to call on a wealth of technical knowledge. We can ensure that your Magento installation is running to its full potential, and provide an appropriate hosting solution for your traffic levels.

Whether you have an existing Magento installation you are not happy with, or you would like a fresh installation, contact us with your requirements.

Magento Services

  • Initial Installation and Configuration
  • Plugin Installation and Configuration
  • Custom Programming
  • Theme design/alterations
  • Optimisation/upgrade of existing Magento
  • Magento Hosting (Virtual and Dedicated)


Magento Examples