Invoices are raised at completion for smaller projects and monthly for larger projects which bridge multiple months for the work already completed during that month and will be based on payment within 30 days of sending. Where a project is completed by us but we are still awaiting content then the full invoice/project with be payable but this content or text will be added by us on receipt provided it is provided within three months.

Where the applicant is a limited company the agreement should be signed by a director of the company and in signing, this person agrees to personally guarantee the development costs.

Any account not settled within 7 days of written or faxed notice or exceeding the selected terms in any way may be subject to suspension of any service provided by Macro Design or Host-it or any associated company. Macro Design will retain all intellectual property rights to any code or graphical images created until full payment is made. No domain will be released to another hosting company until all outstanding amounts are paid. All payment is in Sterling. Where payment for services or design is overdue we reserve the right to charge interest at the rate of 8% per month, and also reserve the right to suspend service, with a re-connection fee of no less than £65 + vat. We may also charge you a reasonable fee to cover our time and administration costs if any payment you are required to make is not honoured by your bank or building society or Credit Card Company or other payment medium. The current minimum charge is £45 + vat.


If the agreements cancelled after work has commenced, the client will be liable for any costs of purchases or labour made on the clients behalf incurred up to the date of cancellation.


We will supply you with an estimate of the costs involved for the services you have requested before any work commences. Please ensure that the quotation includes everything that you have specified as any items/functionality required that are not detailed may require additional time to be added and subsequent charges to cover the additional time will apply. You may wish to provide a site specification document to ensure all items required are listed and detailed in this quotation.

Ongoing work

Once your project is completed, we can perform additional work at our normal labour rate on an adhoc basis. We base our charges on the time used and based on a minimum fee equal to 30 minutes of our current labour rate. To ensure you get the best value, we strongly advise you to send any work needed in electronic format (email) and to combine each contact instance or job to minimise the amount due.

Media and content provided by you.

Once we have started your project, any content, media, or artwork you are supplying will need to be provided to us within seven days. However, note that minor text amendments to the work/pages we are working on can still be made free of charge for up to three months after completion (see Maintenance plan section above).

Macro Design Logo

All sites designed or redesigned by Nuco Technologies Ltd will contain a discrete link in either image or text form to the Macro Design web site displaying that it has been designed and/or hosted by Macro Design. A discount for the link is included in all estimates given. If you do not require this link or it is subsequently removed an additional fee of £75 is payable.

Intellectual Property/Trademark

The client unconditionally guarantees that any text, graphics, photographs, designs, trademarks, or other items supplied are owned by the client, or that the client has permission to use them from the rightful owner and will indemnify Nuco Technologies Ltd from any claim or suit arising from the use of such items supplied by the client.

On receipt of cleared payment for all work produced, ownership and responsibility of all completed web graphics and source code will automatically be transferred to the client to do as they require (or transfer to another developer). This transfer will be in the form of an ‘exclusive licence’ for content supplied by the client and specific/unique to their project and a non-exclusive licence for any generic code/graphics used across sites (for example email sending code will be the same for each site produced as will buttons for admin panels etc).

Any software/technology used in the production of the site or the original vector files or other master format files used to produce any graphic or other content will remain the property of Macro Design but can be purchased for an additional fee which is negotiable depending on the nature of the file.

Use of integrated Third Party Software or connecting to Third Party External Systems

If the website development is using Third Party hosted software installed onto the hosting package and/or connecting to externally hosted Third Party systems that the client has requested, then it is recommended that at the end of the website development process, the software/systems is thoroughly tested by the client to ensure that the functionality being supplied, works as expected and meets the clients requirements, before the website is made live.

Macro Design can only test and be responsible for website functionality that they have coded as part of the website development. If using an external payment gateway solution to take online payments then both a test and live payment should be transacted to confirm they are processed and accepted correctly by the software and payment provider.

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