Let Us Brand Your Company

Here at Macro Design we understand your urge to stand ahead of the competition, even if you're not on a high budget. Because of this we can offer logo design services with our web design services.


If you want a logo design with your web design, or just want a logo designed, then you can contact us from our contact us page or call us on (UK +44) 01604 807407

File Types We Supply

We want to provide you with everything you need after getting a logo designed. Because of this we will provide you with files suitable for the print and digital media. For example, you might decide you want a sign or banner made for your business' headquarters. Fortunatly, we supplied you with an EPS file, so your logo can be scaled up to any size you like without losing any quality.

Here's a list of some of the file formats we can supply:

  • .EPS (Ideal for print)
  • .PDF (Ideal for print)
  • .JPG (Ideal for digital)
  • .PNG (Ideal for digital)
  • .GIF (Ideal for digital)

Other Logo's We Have Designed

Above you can see some of the logo's we designed on the way to designing our current logo, so here are some we have done for other companies.

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