Custom CMS solutions should be a consideration for all website owners. Being able to immediatley update your own content is a feature you can't afford to be without.

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What are admin panels for?

For customers who have large amounts of data/products, or who simply want to be able to frequently update their own websites at any time of day or night, we can produce database driven admin panels.


Users can edit the pages of their website using a WYSIWYG text editor to change text size and colour. If this sounds too complicated then a more simple solution is possible, where the site template takes care of the settings and colours, the user simply enters the text.

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How do they work?

We use technologies such as jQuery and AJAX to make the admin panel as efficient as possible. We can also import data from third party sources, for example if your supplier can provide stock updates via XML, spreadsheet or CSV, these can be integrated into your website. We can also use popular third party APIs such as Google Maps, Facebook etc.

One of the major advantages of a bespoke admin panel is that it contains only the options you need for your business. Using ready-made software often leaves customers confused as they are presented with a multitude of options they will never use.

The admin panel system can automatically resize photos which you upload, ensuring that all images are optimised to load quickly.

Who are they for?

Each panel is a custom creation for the customer, as such any features can be included or removed to suite the project.

View our portfolio for examples of sites driven by our admin panels (See E-Commerce, and Data Driven Websites)